Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Paper Bi: EMQs

EMQs were nice today!

I left the exam early, and by then half of my pbl group and the majority of people from the exam hall had already left too, with almost everyone wearing a smile ^^. (a big contrast to what happened after the SAQs yesterday!)

Compared to the past ICAs, they were actually pretty 1st year friendly, apart from the questions on the brain nuclei, and.. well i can only blame myself for getting the antibiotics and antifungal drugs wrong! - had a feeling they were going to come up, but last night i just wanted to sleep, and i did... a good 12 hours!! (the most i've had the night before an exam)

As it's 50% of Paper B, im hoping its going to pull up my abysmal mark from yesterday! - then again... we still need to pass all Papers to progress to next year hmm... will just have to wait and see if i'll be resitting that one next week.

OSCEs to tackle on thursday and Spotter on Friday!
Bring on the cram!

The new London hosp, had to take a photo of it! It's so modern looking, and such a big contrast to the current hospital!

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Grumpy Biomed said...

To be honest, I prefer the old London Hospital...the classic building with the imposing facade, talk about grand!

Also, I'm glad the EMQs were nice...I love EMQs, it's like being in primary school again :D Are yours negatively marked?

Also, cheers for the reassuring message on my blog :D