Thursday, 20 May 2010

Paper D: OSCEs

This was why i wanted to come to medical school!
Odd as it may sound, but i don't think i've ever had so much fun in an end of year exam before ^^ (i can't wait to get to clinical years!)

I was among the lucky half of the year group, who got placed in the archives room at Barts (not sure on the official name for the room) - it was a grand room, with tall ceilings and specimens preserved in bottles placed around the room! In fact i couldn't help but stare at the spots on the face of a sagitally dissected head in one of the jars, as i shaded in the boxes of my emq sheet.

The room was beautiful, almost on par to the Gordon Museum at GKT (ok, im not going to be bias the Gordon museum does have the edge!)

We rotated around the room, going to various stations and performed various tasks, and although i know i missed quite a few marks here and there, it was genuinly a lot of fun! (Gargh thinking back, i have no idea how i managed to get Varum and Valgum the wrong way round!).

Glad it didn't turn into the nightmare i thought it would have been!
Now just the Spotter left for tomorrow....!

- edit:
How am i going to learn all these images tonight?!!?!?!?!??!?!!


Lily said...

I too have a bit of a geeky love of OSCEs (but shhhh! don't tell anyone.) Although they're scary, they're more fun than sitting in a room writing.

Good luck with the spotter!

omar said...

just wanna now do you have any regrets not chosing to go and do the 4yr at warwick?