Monday, 17 May 2010

Paper Bii : SAQs

OK, todays paper was HARD!
- not impossible, but definately not a nice one!

I had some how hoped it would be pretty similar to ICA standards... but nope, it was so hard that after the exam i felt that all my revision and last minute cramming has been in vain, as i wasn't going to get the answers even if i had an extra day to revise for it.

A few questions felt rather ambigous, and i only have my poor vocabulary pool to blame for not knowing what "Corroborating" meant (i came home and did a google..), and so probably babbled along the wrong lines!

EMQs tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Arash said...
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Lily said...

I hate it when lack of vocab means you struggle to answer a question... I had it last year when the question asked if something precluded something else. I had no idea what preclude meant.

I was thoroughly ashamed until nearly everyone came out asking the same thing.

Grumpy Biomed said...

I hate that feeling when no matter how much work or cramming you do, it still doesn't pay off. There just isn't enough time!

Tofu said...

Thanks guys, it's just annoying coming out of the exam, to then find out the question would have been quite simple, if i simply understood what they were trying to ask.

But its over now, and only a week to wait! good luck for your exams too grumpy and lily! ^^