Saturday, 22 May 2010

Paper C: Spotter

The lack of sleep, caffeine over-use and general tiredness all crept up to me last night, and all i wanted to do was sleep!

In fact i managed to sneak in a good 6 hours worth before waking up at midnight to start the 8 hour cram, and going in to uni to sit 2 hours worth of identifying gross and microanatomy images... this was scary, partically since it was 8 hours to cram the entire year's worth of it!

I took the "just keep doing the past papers" approach, and that definately paid off, i recognised a few of the images as soon as they came up, and as per usual as soon as i left the place i realised some of the silly mistakes i made. Meh... at least first year exams are all over now ^^!

Just "the wait" now!


Grumpy Biomed said...

6 hours sleep?! Slacker! :P

I hated histology last year, the diagrams in Wheater's just didn't make any sense.

Well done on completing your exams!

Lily said...

Wow, I'm impressed.

I always choose to sleep 8 hours and just guess exam questions.

When are results?

Do you have any nice plans now exams are over?

Tofu said...

Wow a comment at 4 in the morning, grumpy you really are revising till pretty insane hours! - and indeedy.. i used to hate histology whilst studying biochemistry too, i didnt see the point of it..and now as a med student... i still hate it!

Thanks lily, i hope the nighter allowed me to pull it off. Results are next thursday, i have those fingers tightly crossed.

Hopefully will go on holiday for a month - but im still a tad scared to book, may wait out till after exam results ^.^

Good luck both for the summer exams guys!