Friday, 7 September 2007

BMAT revision begins

Revision for the BMAT begins today as the guide book for it arrived in the post today.. with my copy of "cook yourself thin" cookbook which is absolutely amazing.. never knew there are so many healthy alternatives, it definately puts me in the mood to do some grocery shopping tomorrow after seeing my tutor and printing off the forms etc and go home to cook something out the book for dinner, and have a cosy night in before i go out to visit my friend for the weekend whose currently doing a year in industry at GSK stevenage at the mo, where the fields and hills are haha.

Back to revision..well im surprised how much physics i have forgotten since gcse... i know almost NO physics what-so-ever unless we're talking about forces which i can still remember the concepts to..but no calulcations or anything electrical eeeek.....! im surprised with the biology too.. some questions are quiet easy (well the biochem degree does help with the bio and chem..ahem!) but some questions completely throws me out my comfort zone.. ive not touched some areas of biology for all those questions based on genetics are fine.. but hopefully nothing in depth about reproduction please!!

i've finally cut my list of places to apply by a big chunk, currently will be applying to UCL and BL (5 years) for definate, and its a hard choice between:

BSMS , Warwick GEP, Soton GEP, and Durham

I want to stay near london .. i love london .. a LOT and can't imagine leaving it..but when it boils down to staying in london or studying medicine..well thats a hard choice ... as wussy as it sounds.. its going to 4/5 years away from home, and from what i've heard no place is comparable to london in terms of atmosphere... so ... its a hard choice..

i quite like durham, its a beautiful town.. nice area .. but very quiet.. and very far.. but it would almost be dream like to study there and pop into the town centre where the beatiful spires are...but 100 of miles away from home.

Warwick would be nice as its not too far and its a course designed for graduates in the life sciences which will make fitting in not a big issue, and warwick isn't too far from london so i can almost drive/train it home to london on the weekends if i felt homesick.

Soton and BSMS are by the sea! and both around 1 hour from london which makes them close to london, which fits my criteria, and also very nice areas. Havn't seen soton yet but bsms was a very nice uni, it had a very nice feel to the campus, and the fact that it was a campus based uni made it feel extra special..

so there are my thoughts so far.. i still have time to decide where to apply..but its just a hard decision.. and the worst thing is at the end of april i may be rejected from all 4 which would be a really big kick.

anyhoots will be seeing my tutor in 7 hours or so.. should sleep now!

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