Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Reality of final year

Got my UKCAT score.. and well im not too pleased with it.. and all to my stupidiy of not working on the abstract reasoning part.. ekk.. i did okish in the two sections i practiced, and the other 2 well.. they weren't as good .. and i've got the very average score of 602.5 ...

hmm.. well BMAT registration form i'll get sorted this friday, and only for UCL. As a london-er i'd really like to stay in london for mbbs too, but all other london unis seem to select via ukcat ... so all rests on a good bmat score over 19 now.. However, knowing that its almost impossible and only a small handfull of students actually achieve higher than this score.. im not going to put too much hope on it, and just hope theres an element of luck on the day...

Another reason to get the bmat registration form sorted on friday is due to the fact that my 7 year old printer at home has decided to run out of ink when i needed it, and as im too lazy to buy ink, im just going to wait until friday when i go into uni to meet my research project supervisor to print out the application form on the uni comps. Oooooh my supervisor's interest is "biochemistry of alzheimer's disease" which is PERFECT! i loved studying AD last year, fascinating stuff.... honest!

Friday seems to soon, and summer seems to have almost drawn to an end now, uni work starts again soon enough, and i, still pretty clueless about neuroscience..which isn't good as i really ought to show i have done my reading before i meet my supervisor...

....................... I KID YOU NOT!!
i am soooo clueless to what i am expected to do in the coming year.... i just hope i find out soon.. as im the type that likes to prepare for things way in advance...

Course advising is on the 21st im sort of tempted to switch my parasitology in tropical disease module to the biology of aging module, but im not too sure yet, the latter seems "easier" as elements of it overlap with another module which equates to less work, but the former module sounds more interesting, and i have a genuine interest in it.. so its a tough choice!

Before course advising i've got some student ambassador work on the 11 and 12th on the University of london open days, so i may have a quick peek whilst im there what other london med schools may be looking for.. though my bright red kcl tshirt i will have to wear to work on the day may make me look a bit silly..

Well here comes the reality part of the post... its finally here, final year.....

1 months till i apply to mbbs again and sit bmat
2 months till bmat results
3 months till i start applying for masters
4 months till i start hearing from unis if i havn't already been rejected
5 months till i hear back from all unis whether its good or bad news
6 months till final year exams
7 months till i have an anxious wait for exam results
8 months till i graduate [luck inserted here] !

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