Sunday, 23 September 2007



After some time i think i've chosen between those universities for this years application cycle.. but on a realistic side.. i really don't feel too positive about my chances this year round...
Will have to wait and see how everything goes..
i would have loved to apply for more london universities.. but sadly i know im not cut out for IC or GKT medicine.. studying biochemistry at kcl is fine.. but medicine here is definately out of my league..

i am in no way saying any other medical schools are inferior to GKT or IC, just i would have quite liked to have studied medicine there, GKT as im a current student there studying biochemistry.. and i quite like the atmosphere here, and would love to continue on here; and IC because my brother studied there, i use to visit him, and he only had nice things to say about it, and after going to an open day.. i loved it..
............. but i barely meet their entrance requirements, and GKT have already said no through the GSS.......i don't want to sit the gamsat for St.Georges... so my choices rest with UCL and BARTS.

UCL ..its only 5 tube stops away from home!!!! so relatively close to home, and i like the uni itself, its location, and its atmosphere! .. i spent 9 months voluntarying at their hospitals during a-levels, and i seriously regret rejecting my offer to study pharmacology there now..(nothing wrong with kcl biochemistry.. but i realised how much i liked pharmacology after first year at kcl...)

BARTS..gave me my first and only offer for medicine when i applied during alevels, and i feel almost attatched to the institution though ive never really studied there. I would love to go to barts and continue my dream from a-levels, when it was my first choice on my application form...

Manchester.. well i can't imagine life without a tescos near by and easy transport, i like walking in the countryside now and then..but living there is a different story, i don't think i can cope spending 5 years away from home in a remote area, hence i chose a nice city, manchester.

BSMS ... i love the campus, its really pretty, and a big bonus.... its near(ish) london! so i can easily commute home on the weekend, and well it has a seafront!

---Lectures start MONDAY ~ EEEEK!
can finally start to call myself a FINAL YEAR STUDENT!

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