Friday, 7 September 2007

Research project


Unexpected keen-ness from my supervisor means he insists i start early ..infact 2 weeks before uni even starts to get some practical work done..... hmm.. perhaps i should have went to find him at a later date.. its pretty much everyday until uni starts, oh and two days off that for two days work as a student ambassador..yay paid work!!

asked what i should bring on monday.. and the only item he asked me to bring was...................................... a mug for coffee/tea breaks haha ^.^ sounds like fun already !!

though during our conversation as with most conversations with scientists, they always seem to end up asking me:

"so what do you want to do career wise? will you be applying for medicine?"

...then comes an uncomfortable silence as i try to think through if its wise to tell them that i want to apply for medicine or not.. some scientists are quite anti-medics, whilst some just expect all undergrads to want to go into medicine.. so its an uncomfortable question i feel.

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