Monday, 28 January 2008


Less than 100 (in fact its 98 as of today) days left until final year exam season looms over... !!! But before i can even start connecting nose to book, i have 2 pieces of annoying coursework and my dissertation to deal with first... !!

Annoyingly my lab supervisor wants me to do a presentation to the other people in the lab in regards to my project.. this certainly will result in:

1) embaressing myself with my little knowledge infront of the phD and post-docs who have been doing the same thing for at least the last 3 years..and don't really need me to show them what they taught me how to do a few months ago..

2) wasting time i can spend put into my essays or disseration.. or even writing notes!

so i dont really want to do the presentation and neither does the intercalating medic nor the neuroscience bsc undergrad (..its not assessed.. and we all believe my supervisor just wants to see what we've been up to, as he has just left us with the post-docs)

Progressing slowly but surely with the research almost have 2 proteins finished now (Vglut1 and Synaptohpysin)...though i am more jealous than anything...
whilst i am stuck doing western blots everyday..the intercalted medical student in my lab gets to kill rats and mess around with their brains spewed all over the lab bench ..whilst i look on with my flimsy gel stuck to an electric pack.. oh and some milk spinning on a labstir.

Have still not heard from Barts yet..which means i did not perform that well, so its fingers and toes crossed for now, and hope to hear something from BSMS soon too, from the NMM forum, seems like quite a few people have heard from BSMS now... so i hope i'll be one of them (even if its a least i know!) !!

Received an email from uni in regards to application for a FREE trip to study in CHINA this easter for all English/Scottish university or higher education students (search DUI chinese easter 2008 --> click on manchester link) .. sounds amazing!! if only i was in the first/second year i would leap at the opportunity to spend 3 weeks abroad to explore china, learn some mandarin, dip into another culture and try some proper chinese food (i am a fake chinese.. i spend my time eating tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches than anything chinese)!
anyone intersted i am happy to share the link/email!

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