Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pounds (my laptop doesn't have a pound sign) vs lbs

Finally got round to trying the trouser suit i had back from 2005, the trousers which were once a bit tight are now quite lax, and the blouse and suit jacket looks like a duvet, which is good i've been able to shed a few unwanted pounds.. but with that goes pounds from the purse too as i have to invest in something new.. and quick!!

People who know me personally will know im not exactly the smartest dresser, and feel a tad reluctant to buy a nice suit; as a girl, i really don't know when i'll be needing to wear one again ~.~ ... so to buy a nice one which will last (as my friend suggested), or something ok priced for the occasion, and will probably get ruined in the wash after a few spins?

Being the ever optimist i still want to keep up my healthy regime and lose a bit of weight, (all these lectures on biology af ageing, biology of cancer, and free radical in health and diseases, really does make you consider the state of your own health!) so splashing out on an expensive suit which may not fit well after a period of time, seems a waste.. yet i don't want to look to scruffy...

On another note.. i hope the weather is good on the day, my hair has the natural ability to go extremely static when its about to rain.. a bit like how cows know when to lie down when it's about rains.. hair tied up is not a good look for me, and so it's settled.. i shall bring a brush and use some de-fizz on the day (better to be safe than sorry)!

Bioinformatics is hardly touched..which is not thats due in on tuesday, so if i get it done asap and in on monday, i can have tuesday afternoon to revise after i scan my western blots at the research lab and rush home before the rush hour.

Research is coming along ok, finally found out what im doing now, and have 3 new undergrads joining me in the lab:
1 x neuroscience bsc final year student doing her research project (so a bit like me, jsut swap in biochemistry)
1 x Biomedical Research MRes (Something i might apply for and do if i don't get into medicine)
1 xIntercalating Medical Student who has taken neuroscience as her intercalating option.

Had a nice chat with the medical student, and questioned her on her thoughts of PBL, as Bart's are quite famous for their very pro-pbl approach, and i wanted to prepare myself for any possible questions which may pop up. Although she was a GKT medic, it was still quite nice to hear what she thought of PBL, as i think i got a very honest opinion with the pros and cons of pbl, and definately gave me a different perspective on how medical school teaching works.

Now to get on with bioinformatics... i wish i have never taken this module.. it is perhaps the worst module i have ever taken at kcl.. the lecturer is a nice guy..but he can't lecture!

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Sengcheek said...

That didn't happen to be Sarah Kwan now did it? haha :)