Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sad eventful january~ application update

Just last year i was moaning for some news, and january has not been dissapointing..or.. in some sense it has been extremely dissapointing.. !

2/1 - Manchester rejection
14/1 - Bart invite to interview
21/1 - UCL rejection
23/1 - Bart's interview
29/1 - BSMS rejection

thats some news from all my unis almost every week of january..
well at least on the bright side of things i have what i asked for, some replies.

Just waiting for the outcome of the Bart's interview now, and my confidence has hit rock bottum.. though on the other hand i am sort of excited in planning a hopefully well spent gap year/work/msc application for next year and making myself a stronger applicant for next year.


Shamila said...
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Anonymous said...

hello, could you please e-mail me the link, that would be so kind, good luck with the barts reply,

Michael said...

Really sorry to hear about BSMS. Must be gutting to be rejected by anyway especially since it's something you want so badly, but fingers crossed for a place at Barts; at least your university would just swap from one side of the river to the other.

I'm glad to hear you're going to reapply no matter what, that's my attitude as well, and I'm sure even if you don't get a place at Barts now you'll have a better application next time round.