Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Post Interview Thoughts

i started the day waking up with a bit of a shock as i thought it was already 1pm.... so with that i jumped out of bed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, rushed back into my room to find it only being 10am.. so i proceeded to slomp myself in front of my laptop and sat there browsing the internet in my pyjamas for the next few hours...

Had a look through on different news websites and had a good read up on possible nhs topics..which without a doubt came up! Did a fair bit of research on why barts (yep that came up too), on what sort of diseases are prevelant in the east end (yep that too!) and forgot to plan the question of all questions: .... Why medicine?

A bit silly to go to a medical school interview without a clear thoughtout crisp answer for such a question..but thats exactly what i did, and i ended up rambling a bit, and now just hoping i didn't ruin my chances with that... and for the remaining part of the interview the interwievers just sat looking bored... (the interview was meant to start at 3.30pm, and i didn't get called in until 3.50pm)

Now the constant ucas track checking starts .. and well only bsms to hear back from now after a rejection on the 21st from ucl, which put a bit of pressure on today!

Now to just do some work, and look forward to a talk tomorrow from professor Barry Halliwell at an open seminar at kcl tomorrow. Maybe i'll convince some my friends from other unis to come, as he truly is a fantastic scientist, and im finding myself burried into his text book for my biology of ageing and my free radical in health and diseases modules.

oh.. and something quite fun...
72 words

Touch Typing

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