Thursday, 3 January 2008

NEWS!!!!!!! ............... (bad news)

2pm, woke up, switched on the laptop to get on with my coursework after having a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk, signed into gmail notifier, and woot 2 new mail, clicked onto the little taskbar icon to spring open gmail, and faced with a ucas track change update, knew it must have been bad news as i've not had an interviews, hoped it wasn't from UCL or BARTS, then realised it doesn't say anything on the email other than a change of track status, so i logged into ucas track.. scrolled no changes to ucl .... barts ... bsms .....

manchester = rejection!

ouch, and it has to be the day following new years... , though im not too disheartened by it, as i don't feel like a strong applicant this year.... just hope the next bit of news i hear will be from unis and not from ucas track!!!

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