Friday, 22 January 2010

Anatomy: Body painting!

This week's learning landscape and practical session was by far the MOST ENJOYABLE anatomy session so far; as we swapped pens for brushes, and prosections for torsos during a session of body painting (!!), and played around with spirometers during the practical.

Thankfully some of the boys were happy to take their shirts off, so off we went following a booklet of instructions, and painting on the bones, muscles, and arteries of the thorax. It sounds a bit odd, and at first i was like "hmmm interesting....", but it was actually really helpful to see where the different things were in relation to each other, and it was something different for a change ^.^

CR module finishes tomorrow, and Metabolism starts on Monday.
It's taken me so long to get into medical school, but i'm actually sort of glad there'll be some sort of biochemisty coming up, i know i may regret saying this later, but..... i miss learning pathways!


Anonymous said...

"I miss learning pathways"
Loser! :P

Tofu said...

I use to hate 'em, but now i feel a tad nostalgic! how can anyone resist glycolysis? :D

super idiot said...

i think biochem was reaaaaaaaly easy compared to this course. in that sense, i miss it as well.....except those chem praticals lol.

Grumpy Biomed said...

You can learn my pathways too if you like :P

And that's an interesting way of learning anatomy, I found the colouring books quite helpful too.

Tofu said...

@ Super idiot
- i really agree, the course at the moment is just going so quickly, it feels like i'm always playing catch up!

@ Grumpy Biomed
- I always wanted to try the colouring books, do you have one you reccomend???

R. said...

my dad lectures on one of the physiology books at qmul, he has this one at home:The Physiology Coloring Book 2nd Edition Self Study Course, he swears by and is constantly referring to it to make up lecture notes ;)

Grumpy Biomed said...


Well I used Marieb and Hoehn's study guide, which was a good overall revision guide, covering all aspects of anatomy and physiology revision, including colouring. Though I hear the colouring books are basically all the same. Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hi tofu,

I'm a QMUL biochemistry grad, and I've got an interview for medicine on Thursday (5 year course)..guess I was just looking for some reassurance from someone who's already been in my shoes lol..was the interview tougher as a graduate?

I have prepared for the ethical discussion with the article, but hard to know what they're looking for and how much of a discussion can be had in such a short space of time. Any tips/advice? I'm really nervous!


Joey :)

Tofu said...

Hi Joey,

Good luck with the interview, i'm sure you'll be fine :D

From what i remember, i don't think it was much harder as a graduate, in fact i remember there being more sciency questions when i had interviews at Alevel. The ones i've had as a graduate weren't very sciency at all, and particulary at BL, it was really about my personal statement, and what i thought about the ethical scenario. Don't worry about running out of things to talk about, its their job to be asking the questions, so just relax :D

@ Grumpy Biomed & R thanks for the pointers i'll have a look! Marieb is the book we use too, so Grumpy if you do plan to come to Barts (its nice here!) then keep hold of it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tofu! Just one day left now really :S panicking! Bought my suit today, undecided as to wear heels or not..
And just found out that I have an interview for the GEP as well, in February, which will be much harder with the selection centre etc :S
Thanks for the advice btw!
Joey :)

Grumpy Biomed said...


I do indeed hope to go to BL, but sadly I'm too poor to actually have the privelege of owning Marieb (or any textbook for that matter)...I ransacked the library on the first day of term :P

The study guide was cheap so I bought it, but the actual textbook is way too much!