Saturday, 16 January 2010

Clinical Skills

On Monday i had my first clinical skills session.

We were seperated into 2 rooms (one for boys, and the other for girls), and then given 2 hours to turn the - CV examinations lecture into a touchy feely session.

I managed to locate the radial, brachial and carotid pulses, and failed from then onwards to find the apex beat and any of the other pulses below my waist (>.<), i'll keep trying, but having tried a couple of times at home, i'm still in search of my apex beat!

Oh and we finally got to do something with a stethoscope, but to be honest i had no idea what i was doing or trying to listen out for. Thankfully, i have a few people who have agreed to become my guinea pigs, and i have until the summer to work these things out.

Until then, its time to start stressing about the next set of ICAs!


Biomed Student said...

I can only imagine how fun it is after god knows how many years of a science degree to finally do something clinical :D

Tofu said...

It felt different, with a science degree i sort of knew what and why i was running a particular experiment; but now with clinical skills sessions, it feels so new and unfamiliar... but yes, fun too :D