Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Days Cardiorespiratory

Firt week of CR is over, and of the 5 days i was late on 4, and the only day i turned up on time, the facilitator couldn't make it in. Travelling in the Snow, is definately not FUN!

That aside, consistent lateness has led me to stumble across a new route to uni, which although involves a few more stops, actually ends up shaving a good 5, possibly 10 (on a good day) minutes off my travelling time!! Will give this route a good trial over the remaining 2 weeks of CR.

Fun fact i found whilst writing up some notes:
The blood vessels in humans stretch for 100,000km through the internal body landscape!!
-My RBCs have travelled further than i have in the past year, im pretty jealous.

So hows CR?
Hmmm well on first impressions, CR anatomy is more friendlier than that of the pelvis from HD last term (pelvis anatomy stole many of my evenings). Though i suspect it might just be down to familiarity with the heart, afterall the heart has some how been on my syllabus almost ever year since GCSEs! BUT that doesn't make it easy, in fact im DREADING all the ECG lectures!


Rasputin said...

That's a interesting fact one of my all time favorites is in relation to a sperm's journey:

'its the equivalent of us swimming the atlantic ocean but instead of it being water its treacle'

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the ECG stuff, my dear. It really is just an overview at this point with a practical thrown in for a laugh.

Tofu said...

Im a sucker for random facts!
I think i've come across different versions of the swimming sperm before, but that ones a new one to add to my collection. thanks :)

Thanks for the pointer ASD, the practical was fun, but i sat baffled for ~80% of the practical.