Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Meeting Kumar

I always loved clinical demonstrations, they're not exactly very sciency, but it gives us the opportunity to learn a bit more about relevent diseases, and to hear it from a patient's perspective. What made the session even better today, was having Prof. Kumar!

Ok i sound a little star struck (i was!!), but she was so down to earth, and funny.

At the end of the lecture, she asked us what the rules of Kumar were, and from what i remember these were it:

1st rule of Kumar.... (i missed this one >.< )
2nd rule of Kumar ... Listen to your patients
3rd rule of Kumar ... Don't be arrogant
23 b) rule of Kumar ... (along the lines of work hard!)

So with Rule 23b in mind, its time to kick start the revision for the upcoming HDxCRxMET Exam! >.<

Although content wise, it's only 9 weeks worth (similar to Funmed), but this time round, it feels like it's 3x more work!

Thanks to Super idiot for reminding me:
"she asked someone how much poo they make!! and the guy said 400-450 grams and she started laughing :D"


Grumpy Biomed said...

Wow, getting to meet THE Kumar...lucky you :D Have you met Clark yet? :P

Anonymous said...

Kumar is such a ledg! Did she pick on anyone and ask them about their poo??

And the first rule of Kumar was probably "Listen to the patient" (again) lol

Tofu said...

like you both rightly put it...

Would have been cool if she bought clark along, but she did bring with her 3 patients with rather intersting disorders, one of which was said to be rather rare.

No convos on poo :(, but you're probably right about the 1st rule of Kumar!

super idiot said...

tofu...ur forgetting that she asked someone how much poo they make!! and the guy said 400-450 grams and she started laughing :D

Tofu said...

Super idiot, reading your comment made me LOL!

i'll add that onto the post, im sure a few years on when i read back on it, it will still make me laugh, how could i have forgotten?! ^.^

Anonymous said...
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