Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year + HD notes over

Just about finished with the HD note writing/revision marlarky (but in actual fact i've skipped a few lectures >.<), in time for the start of term. It has been a massive drain over the short 2 week X'mas break, and im not all that refreshed and ready to take on the upcoming CR module, but hey 'ho thats life~!

What HD has made me realise is... wow did my mum go through a lot to give birth to me! HD has definately made me think of pregnancy a bit differently, I'm sure most people in the year will do too (varying amounts, i'm sure), and i know this just from listening out for the "Ewwww"s (probably a photo of a dilated cervix with a head popping out of it), and "Awww"s (Video of the kid growing up and learning different abilities) throughout the different lectures.

So with a fresh (hardly feeling it) start tomorrow, it'll be the simpsons movie followed by an early night tonight ^^

p.s i hope muesli is healthy, ive been eating a lot of it! (not for a health regime, but just because its so damn tasty!)


Anonymous said...

lol I don't remember any videos of stretched cervices and babies heads...we missed out!

Happy New Year, btw :)

Tofu said...

Ah the baby head and cervix combo was only a photo, but even when i went over the notes for it over xmas, it always gives me the "im not going to have a baby, no way!" sorta feeling! Sadly was only a photo, but someone in my year managed to witness a birth during their medsoc! Very jealous~

Happy new year to you too by teh way~ hope you're still enjoy med in the 2nd year!

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