Thursday, 26 May 2011

11 days till Y2 exams!

Yay the last ICA results came back, and its been my best ICA to date, 86% average! ^^... but then again the entire year average was pretty high this time round with a few indivuduals getting 100% in the HSPH component.. crazy(!!) So really it's not that special BUT on a good note, i calculated my Paper A mark (ICAs, Medsoc, Epc, Essays) and i've comfortably passed the threshold to sit the MBBS Y2 exams =)
Despite that, i think most of us got into a little panic when we received mail from uni subjected "Entry to MBBS Part 2 Exams" eeks! *PANIC OVER* - it was more of a good luck sort of email!
11 days left till finals.. and i've only covered B&B and HD properly.. i now have 11 days to destroy CR, MET, LOCO, HSPH.... and the 2 seen PBLS...this doesn't look good!
Ooh... and placement results should be out tomorrow! Can't wait to find out where i'll be placed next year! ^^


Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Im sure you'll do fine.

Where did you apply for next year?

Tofu said...

Applied for Bloomsfield, Colchester, and BLT for all 3, in that order.. i heard good things about them.. then after i applied i heard some not so good things :S

Hmmmm will wait and see - im sure it's as much about how much i try and make the most of it ^.^! Excitesd for tomorrow.. hope they don't push the date back...!

Grumpy Biomed said...

Wow, congrats on the excellent marks!