Wednesday, 11 May 2011

HSPH ICA CRAM, a likely fail

Why are we meant to remember the name of different theorists?!?!

Argggghhhhhhhhh~ i will eat a PFC chicken wing off the floor of whitechapel the day a patient stops me mid interview and asks me who invented the trait theory!!

I didn't hate the module as much as others, and i thought i could probably blab myself through the exam (most the lectures have been things like "ethnicity and health", "old age and health" etc etc...)

I then took the practice test available to us on the blackboard system last night.. and got a grand score of 3/11....... DAMN IT!

HSPH/LOCO ICA on friday........... I'm simply going to fail.. there is no way i can possibly fit all this extra stuff with just 2 more days to go!


Canada said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm I learnt a whole module of biochem two days before the exam. Although I did go to the lectures they were 4 months before the exam, and I slept through most of them and didn't even get the slides until later. Unfortunately in medicine you can't revise 30% of the material and hope that out of the 10 questions you will be able to answer 3..

Tofu said...

But thankfully at medical school, exams are SAQ, EMQ and SBA based and you will never need to go into the same depth, as you would for the essay-based questions in biochem =)

Tofu said...


Sorry other poster... im not sure what has happened.. i tried to delete the random spam post from "Canada" and now my reply to your post, and your post has gone.. and the spam remains there! GRrrrrr