Friday, 20 May 2011

Last week of Y2 and Random things stopping me from revision

All the stuff from uni is finally out of the way now, and its just 2 weeks of revision until exam week, and HOLIDAYS!

Manual Handling session:
- This was basically a flash back to my HCA gap year days, learning how to move a patient from one bed to the other.. and being the girl in the corner randomly sipping away at my ice latte i didnt think i would be picked as a "willing" volunteer to demonstrate.. but i somehow was. (This wasn't so bad, im not too shy, and i enjoy getting involved, even though its just a make-belief scenario.) This was all fine, until we had to move the patient, i had somehow forgotten how easy it is to move a person once you have the sliding sheet tucked under them, and forgetting this, after shouting "1,2,3 GO!" i tugged the sheet as hard as i could.. and had the other 3 students involved having to balance it out and not let the guy in the middle slip off my corner. .. this was met with my friend in the corner saying to my bf "Wow, shes macho! you don't want to mess with her"... haha .. oops!

Basic Life Support session:
- This was just basically a CPR session, and to be fair, i wasn't too keen on going, as we've already done it the year before and i didn't think i would gain much from it. BUT okay, in hindsight im really glad i went.. i learnt a lot of random facts, and actually really enjoyed it... it was a good break from revision anyways.

New Printer:

I destroyed my printer during year 1.. i still remember the incident very well.. i came home from uni and made myself a giant mug of citreon tea, a seriously HUGE mug of it... and the size, and more so the quantity of the tea was what went on to kill my printer.

Being a clumsy idiot, i chucked my folder onto the desk, knocked over my mug, and the contents then ran down my desk and into my printer..and yep.. goodbye. After not having a printer for an entire year.. i finally went and got a new printer today! YAY.... and this time i bought insurance for it. I usually don't.. but for £17 this included accidental damage to the printer.. i doubled checked with the store assistant.. tea spillage is covered!

So now armed with a new printer, and a starbucks mocha latte, its time to get started with some revision....

Edit: so i thought... i was about to start my revision, but D came over and demanded i vacummed my staircase (!!).. to be fair he had a point.. it was rather dirty.. but not to justify his point: "You're probably going to get TB if you don't!!".

OKAY... so now finally.. with a new printer, a coffee AND a freshly vacuumed stair case.. its time to crack on!

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