Monday, 30 May 2011

Revision belly + 3rd year firms allocations (oh, and 1week till exams!)

Revision belly... =(

Copious amounts of inactivity sitting at my desk, sugary snacks, energy drinks and altogether laziness has caused my belly to grow... Damn it! I wish I could be more healthy, but apparently the occasional Orange or bit of cucumber doesn't balance it out. (sad times)

3rd year placement allocations are finally out!

2 out firms (one is literally in the middle of nowhere ... I hear the closest supermarket is 30minutes walk away .. I should have done my research beforehand ><), and 1 in firm ... its all getting so real now, I really can't wait to hit the wards! but until then... time to mention the exams.. eeks!

This time next week I will be sitting my first exam... the dreaded SAQ (but to also be 4 days from freedom)! Revision has been slow, and "the fear" is here! This was not helped when my friend called me to initially ask me an obscure BB question I couldn't really answer.. and then tells me he has practically finished revising, and is doing random questions... how?!?!

Left to revise: HSPH, Loco, and met..  ><

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Ahh revision...that time of year where my diet basically consists of whatever's in the vending machine, and Dixie's chicken burgers. Fun! Good luck :)