Friday, 28 December 2007

Random Ramblings, UCAS, MSc and MRes applications

Christmas was dull, holidays have been poorly spent, and i have found a new desire to read novels.

Will first (after my coursework) read The Devil in Amber by Mark Gatiss, it's a sequel to the very good The Vesuvious Club, which follows the story of Lucifer Box, who isn't exactly your typical secret serivce agent. It was a fun, refreshing book to read, and i truly look forward to reading the sequel which is sitting on my shelf yawning to be read. I will then aim to finish the remaining un-read books on my shelf before i buy anymore books.. i have the tendancy to walk into a book store and pick up a few books, and leave them on my shelf for a very long time! (i will break this habit, and shall therefore finish the books before i buy anymore!)

I wake up every moning eager to check the post and my email account to see if i have received anything in regards to my application, its almost as if i get a small adrenaline rush every morning as soon as i wake up or hear the post coming through the postbox i rush to see if anything is there from the universities... however i have only been dissapointed so far in not hearing anything.

I'm not sure why, but i am starting to have doubts on wanting to study medicine, i am probably just going through a phase because i havn't heard anything yet, or whether i am awakening to an interest in science research. Why do i want to study medicine - this is truly a question i find hard to pin point, i have so many reasons which edged me into applying for medicine in 2005, and once again this october. Although my ideas of life have changed and i don't really know what i want to do anymore, its almost like im having a pre-mature mid-life crisis!! Well, i'll leave the life decisions when i hear back from my applications, including those for MSc and MRes of which all are for London Universities.

Is it obvious i love London? I'm not sure if its because i love living here, or if its because i have never lived elsewhere and i have a very bias view of the countryside? I would love to try living in the tranquil countryside, but i like having a supermarket nearby and the convenience of a nightbus to get me home on late nights... I like the options, the choices, the shops, my friends who live here, the restraunts, the busy fast-paced lifestyles, and i love my bedroom haha.. perhaps a bad reason, but i honestly can't iamgine having a different bedroom, or living without my dog now.. sad as it may sound.. but one of the reasons i want to stay in london is for my dog's sake.... ok i sound a little silly, but i don't want to ever have to give him away.

Anyways, thats random rambling over.

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