Wednesday, 5 December 2007

another wednesday

BIOINFORMATICS --> sooooo glad assignment 1 is over now.. can't be more glad its over and out the way!!

now only 9 days until my last semester 1 at KCL ! WOW .... biochem BSc has gone by so quickly, quite sad its almost over.. and also quite scared as i don't like the uncertanty of what i may be doing next year (¬.¬" )

i've decided not to go to the IC open day, as im pretty much sure what i want to apply for , and well i need to start on my alzheimer's essay for next thursday, its only 4000 word limit, so thats a healthy 444 words a day from today..

Ucas application form 2007 is almost 2 months old now.. i wonder when i'll hear its firsts words ?! - very anxious and getting a bit impatient now ... i hate the wait !

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