Tuesday, 18 December 2007

UKCAT - vr section scrapping~

Got this via email this morning :

"Dear __________________,
Extensive quality checks on all the tests that have been taken have beenperformed. UKCAT has some concerns about the Abstract Reasoning subtestthis year. To ensure absolute fairness to all candidates, medical anddental schools have been informed and therefore have not and will nottake into consideration this component of the UKCAT results forselection for 2008 entry only."

Midly glad, as my ukcat score goes up to a slightly better 620.. well.. im still a weak candidate so not much of a BIG difference :S Am slightly glad it was AR (my worst section) and not any other.. im sure if i had my highest mark in AR i would be complaining and whining a bit now, though it just goes to show how useless the UKCAT actually is..

i still think the BMAT is a far superior test.. ok i didn't shine on that test either, but i feel it tests candidates for skills which actually do come in quite handy for medschool.. unlike the ukcat ..

Status on application.. still... nothing .. not even a squeak or even a spot of false hope!
have been reading on the NMM forum, some applicants ahve rung barts up and made enquiries about their application status..well... if only i was brave enough to pick up the phone, i feel getting a rejection on a bit of paper, or on the computer monitor in my bedroom will be more comforting that one over the phone... followed by a long silence, or perhaps some unintentional swearing.. so...

i will just wait ~

Handed in my essay for protein sturcture and function, so thats out the way now ~ got 95% on my practical write up ^.^YAY! ...though when i trhink about it.. it was only worth 10% of the module so the difference between a 2.1 and a 1st in this case was only 1% to the overall grade.. so.. well.. 9.5% is better than nothing, just hope my essay will score highly too, that oens a ickle bit more important, worth 20% of the course ~.~

X'mas soon, and my rents are leaving the day before, so i'll be alone with my dog and some notes a book and perhaps some instant noodles...sad... i know... but will be having my friends round the day after, .... though yes.. xmas is going to be pretty crappy this year round !

So... whats with the work load this xmas :
free radical critique - 30%
bioinformatics assignment II and III - altogether worth 80%! (100% cwrk module ><)
Note writing
journal reading
research project reading... this one is quite worrying.. its 3 modules worth of my final year.. and .. well neuroscience doesnt seem like such a good idea anymore ~.~

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