Sunday, 23 December 2007

December application update


.....nothing! >.<

As its now the 23/12 most people have gone on holidays now, and royal mail are on their hols, so .. im not going to hear anything now until after new years... so im pretty certain december is going to be a month of no news ~.~
Which is annoying as im starting to develop false hopes, and would now be more upset in the case of 4 big R's to come in the new year.


30/11 - BMAT results


5/10 - Form sent
8/10 - Manchester confirmation
11/10 - Ucas welcome letter was received
12/10 - BSMS asks to see a copy of my transcript
15/10 - Ucas deadline
17/10 - UCL confirmation
19/10 - Sent my transcript to BSMS via recorded delivery
22/10 - Royal mail delivered my transcript to BSMS
25/10 - Barts confirmation
31/10 - BMAT test

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