Sunday, 16 December 2007

New printer, hot salt beef and an essay ~

Something a bit different from my normal posts, i spent some money on a new but severely needed printer today!! ^.^hopefully this will now last me another 5/6 years ... my previous printer has been with me since ~1999 ! its almost 10 years old! i thought i'd let it retire '.. good bye lexmark 3200... hello epson DX7450 ^.^

6 pages per minute (>.<)

resolution = 1200 x 1200 dpi

paper - well it had the tendency to take the whole bunch and tell me its stuck.. no wonder if it decides to suck in over 20 pages at a go!!! ~.~

New printer:
32 pages per minute (^^ yay my essay should hopefuly now print in one minute as opposed to the 5 minutes previously including the time i had to sort out the jams!)

resolution = 5760 x 1440 dpi (much better than previous one!)

paper - yes like normal printers just one piece of paper every time as its 'spose to!

oh..and what the hell i thought as i was there i would buy some paper.. so i bought one of them boxes for companies and yep theres now a pile (2500 pieces) of paper in my room~ .. well i do itend my printer to last a while ..and im not a fan of computer shopping so i bought everything i needed ..and hopefully i won't need to go back until i run out of ink.. though now thinking about it.. i should have bought more ink whilst i was there!

Mum and dad decided to go shopping today, and bought back a hot salt beef sandwich from selfridges food court.. and it didn't fail to be extremely good!!! Admittedly it is a bit pricey for a sandwhich but it would easily feed two and well... now and then its nice to have something different than my cheese and cranberry toasted sandwich.
(i have a jar of cranberry sauce i bought from borough market after a thursday lecture, and im finding it hard to finish it. So i've started to make cheese and cranberry sandwiches for the past month or so.. but theres still a bit left >.<) Anyhooots my molecular mechanisms of beta-amyloid initiation and aggregation leading to alzheimer's disease is due in tomorrow 4pm.. so i best get on with that now ~^.^ p.s ...still noy heard anything from the bloody unis ~*sigh

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