Friday, 7 December 2007


Though i havn't heard back yet i do feel this year everything seems out of reach and i feel especially that ucl is very out of my league.

It's frustrating, as i am such an impatient person, and any news, even if it was to be a rejection would be some news.. and i'll be able to accept that.. just please unis.. tell me something...rather than have me flapping around on a piece of string wondering wondering wondering.. perhaps im just worried of waiting till feb having some hope and Bang Bam Whallop 4 rejections in one month.. wow that would hurt.. !!

Haha i feel that this blog is gradually becoming a place for me to whine whine and yes.... whine some more!

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Hinata said...

Don't you find it funny that no one ever comments on anyone else's blog? You'd be amazed by the menagerie of other unanswered blogs you can find by simply pressing the "next blog" button.

Well that's just what I was doing until I came across your blog. I totally know where you're coming from. I'm a lazy linguistics senior college student who really has no interest in her major, but needs that stupid degree in order to be a fully fledged licensed interpreter. I'd honestly rather be learning as many languages as my heart desires but, oh well right?

I'm sure you'll do fine. Everyone gets scared of rejection, even the big wigs. That's what separates us from others with delusions of success as a reputation! Remember: Failure is only temporary while Success can always be achieved. Hang in there!