Saturday, 15 December 2007

End of Semester 1 ~

So its the end of semester 1 at king's yesterday, and well, it was apparent as only half of the class turned up, as most have left the night before to head off back home..sadly nothing intersting like that for me, i live... just over an hour away, so not much of an exciting journey for, but none the less, it does feel good to have the term over, and know i get to lie in next week ^.^!

Its been an ok interesting semester, i really enjoyed my courses this year, really enjoyable and really interesting for once actually!!!!

On a not so cheery side I have a friend who has been getting on my nerves a bit, he graduated with a 2.2 for his degree yet everytime he asks me randomly how my coursework went etc, he seems to enjoy saying that the lecturers are lazy and aren't responsible markers when i do well, and says i should have worked harder and not been so lazy when i get a 2.1 score.... its slightly he is dead serious about it, and especially when its coming from him, as he obviously didn't do very well himself. I don't exactly expect him to be giving me compliments or anything, and in fact i wouldn't have told him how i did unless he asked, but it would be nice to just say "ah ok", or something neutral than have to spend time criticising my score everytime.. its like he enjoys making me feel inept about my performance :S

anyways .. on the ucas application side of things.. well i havn't heard anything still.. (sorta of annoying..) >.<

i had a friend who was sitting infront of me in the computer room and she turns round and says shes got a ucas update (a rejection as she has had no interviews), i really wanted to ask where her rejection was from as i wanted to know if it involved any of the unis i had applied to aswell, but i thought that was slightly rude and just not very nice..... so i am still left guessing whats happening with my application.

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